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Nikky Tauranga

Kia ora!

My name is Nikky and I absolutely thrive when I am with another human who sees and hears me, without trying to fix me! I’m not broken, but at times, life can be really hard.

A little bit about me … I enjoy photography, zentangling (also known as doodling) and being with other humans who inspire me. I am a solo mum of 2 teenage girls (18 & 13) who could not be more different. Going on this journey alone for over 11 years, there have been times where I was unsure whether I could actually be a parent or even a human in this world. NVC has given me the space to express my challenges and work through them, allowing me to be present to my girls. Both were diagnosed late in their lives as being on the spectrum; both come with their own unique beauty and challenges, and both have completely different needs. NVC gave me the strategies to be able to communicate with them that works for them!

I also manage a nature based early childhood centre where we have about 30 staff. I am honoured and so grateful to be able to connect with the team in a way where they feel safe, and in return, they are able to give their best to the children in our care – it’s a win win!

This is why I said Yes to becoming an Empathy Angel. I can see how much NVC and empathy has improved my life and I want to share it with others who may also benefit. I’ve been practicing NVC for over 7 years now and know it will always be a part of my life.

Empathy For All

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