Frequently asked questions

We are here to listen, to understand, to care, to hold space, solely for you, giving the felt experience that YOU matter.

Choice is really important to us and we make it clear that you are free to stay for however long you wish, and to leave whenever you want to, within the hour.

At the beginning of your session, your Empathy Angel will introduce themselves, tell you anything they think would be helpful for you to know, and then invite you to begin sharing what’s alive. You may talk about a current challenge you have in a situation or relationship, you might be seeking clarity around an issue, perhaps you need to mourn something, celebrate something, explore what’s holding you back or maybe you aren’t even sure yet what you’ll bring – you just get the sense you want to be held and seen in some way. Everything and anything is welcomed and how much you wish to share is completely up to you. Your Angel will listen without judgment, respecting whatever you want to bring into the space and offer subtle guidance to assist you in discovering deeper meaning and understanding of what you are experiencing.

No, the sessions are not recorded. Your privacy and confidentiality are important to us and we take thorough care to honour this.

It’s our preference for you to have your camera on however we value choice and if having your camera on is a barrier to receiving empathy, you have the option to turn it off. Your Empathy Angel will likely turn their camera off too, to keep a sense of mutuality. You will be welcomed to turn your camera on again at any time during the session, and your Angel will reciprocate by turning theirs on.

Confidentiality is extremely important to us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy here.
Can I request another session with the same Empathy Angel as a follow up? Can I do this directly with the Angel or do I need to rebook via the website?
This first six months of service is our pilot service and there is currently no option to select the Empathy Angel you wish to book a session with. This option will be available after our pilot service, or perhaps even before.
You are welcomed to schedule another empathy session as soon as you have finished your session and you can do this via our website booking system HERE.

After your session, you will receive a follow-up email with an invitation to give feedback via an easy automated system. You will have the option to provide your name or not and all information will be kept confidential. We appreciate and value all feedback as this will help us to provide the most effective and enriching service.

You are welcome to schedule up to three sessions at one time.

Once we have our full system up and running where you can choose your Empathy Angel, and as long as there is availability, yes you can schedule weekly sessions.

You will be received and welcomed as you are. If you are struggling to speak, your Empathy Angel may ask if you’d like to hear what’s alive in them, they may ask you if you’d enjoy being held in silence, ask gentle questions that can assist you in self-connection or offer a practice they sense could be supportive in the moment, such a conscious breathing. Each session is different and our intention is to meet you wherever you are, in respect and compassion, and to intuitively assist you in experiencing the most amount of empathic support possible.

You are completely free to leave the session at any time if something isn’t working for you or if you feel like you’ve received what you are seeking. The Empathy Angel will welcome and respect your choice, and you always have the option of scheduling another session through our website booking system.