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Bringing empathy into the world

Imagine a team of Empathy Angels within easy reach. They are passionate about the power of empathy as a way to serve, and they are there to listen, to understand, to care, to hold space, solely for you, giving the felt experience that YOU matter.

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Our Empathy Angels

Choice is important to us

You are welcomed to choose the Angel you would like to book your session with, by clicking on their photo and self-scheduling an appointment through their calendar.  If you’d like to leave it as a surprise, book your session through the main booking page.

Jessica White
Laura Rose
Sally Prebble
Grant George
Felix Hirling
Polly Greeks
Jorinde Rapsey
Nikky Tauranga
Annie Chapman
Samantha Hepburn
Sandra Driesen
Giulia Mattioli
Edwin Liu
Cynthia Mansfield
Lida Luz

About Empathy Angels

Empathy Angels consists of a team of people who want to help make the world a more peaceful, compassionate, caring place. Inspired by Marshall Rosenberg’s communication techniques known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC), they’ve found a practise that aids in peaceful resolution of conflicts, enables heart-to-heart dialogue and allows people to better understand their feelings, needs and subsequent behaviours. Empathy is an important part of the NVC process. Rosenberg said “Empathy allows us to reperceive our world in a new way and go in.” He also said “Time and again, people transcend the paralyzing effects of psychological pain when they have sufficient contact with someone who can hear them empathically.”

Through direct experiences of receiving empathy, our team of Angels can attest that empathy enables hope and healing. Motivated by a desire to ripple empathy waves through the world and contribute to humanity’s wellbeing, our Empathy Angels have signed up to hold empathic spaces for people in need.

We are excited to utilise this platform to share courses in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offered by trainers around NZ. Watch this space!